The 13th Canadian Conference on Building Science & Technology

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The Future of the Building Envelope...     Building Upon Our Past

Winnipeg, Manitoba    May 10 - 13, 2011

The Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology provides a forum for the presentation, discussion and sharing of practical building science research, knowledge and field experience. Traditionally, the conference has brought together architects, engineers, building scientists and researchers to discuss building science principles and issues governing the design, construction, repair, renovation and operation of all building types.

For the past 30 years, this highly successful conference has earned a reputation for focusing on real world experiences, problem solving and applied research in the study of the performance of building envelope systems.

The 13th conference will emphasize new innovations and ideas which are still under development in the building science industry and illustrate how our past techniques and technology have helped to bring us to this point. We, as an industry, are being pushed to design buildings which meet higher standards. Whether the push is to design highly efficient buildings, use greener technologies, or come up with new sustainable solutions, we would like to address the question of how this has or will affect research and current and future building practices. 

How will the industry evolve due to the pressures of regulations, market transformation and sustainability? 

Will the learning curve be as great, as in the past, as we enter into a new time of change and integration proceeding at a much faster pace? 

What's New

07/25/11  Conference proceedings are now available for purchase.  Click here to download the purchase form. 

06/01/2011  Most conference presentations are now on the delegates page of the website.  The access information is on the bottom of the table of contents page of your program.

05/27/11  We would like to ask that all attendees of the conference spend five minutes to complete a survey of our event.  The results of the survey will be passed on to the organizing committee of the 14th CCBST coming up in Toronto in 2014.

05/05/11  Click here to download the abstracts for the papers being presented at the 13th CCBST.

05/05/11  Click here to download the 13th CCBST final agenda.

05/05/11  Just a FYI, we will gladly accept all walk-up delegate registrations at the event.

05/05/11  The rooms at the Fort Garry Hotel are fully booked for the evenings of the conference.  The other hotel that we recommend which is a short walk away is the Fairmont Hotel.

05/03/11  Please see the agenda page for details on the day-long hygrothermal performance workshop with Dr. Wahid Maref and Mr. Mario Goncalves.

04/21/11  See the keynote speakers page to see the abstract of Dr. Straube's keynote presentation.

04/18/11  MBEC has just released a a special educational opportunity for local MBEC members and conference attendees.  Ms. Terri Boake will be holding a workshop entitled "Green Building Envelopes 101" that will present ideas and concepts that designers of green building envelopes should consider in their designs.  Of particular interest would be ones in the early stage of their green building careers.

Date:     Tuesday May 10, 2011

Time:     3:00 - 5:00 pm

Where:  Fort Gary Place - Assiniboine Ballroom

Cost:      Free for MBEC members and conference attendees

04/12/11  See the conference agenda page for an update on the CORE learning credit hours (as required by their professional associations) that are available for Canadian architects when attending the conference.

04/06/11  Thank you all for your interest, the Union Bank tour is full!

04/05/11  See our exhibitor page for an updated list of our knowledgeable and informative exhibitors.

04/01/11  See the Conference Agenda page for the conference agenda. 

03/22/11  The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) and all other professional architecture associations in Canada have approved the hydrothermal workshop, technical and plenary sessions at the CCBST to be counted towards the CORE learning category under the Continuing Education Program set by each association.

01/07/11  Check out the conference agenda page for a list of the papers being presented at the conference.

02/02/11 Click here for our new promo brochure.

01/24/11  There is a list of exhibitor tables that have been allocated on the sponsors and exhibitors pages.

10/01/11  We would like to proudly announce that Mr. Thomas Auer from Transsolar Energietechnik in Stuttgart, Germany will also be a keynote speaker at the conference.   Check out the Keynote Speakers section for more information about Mr. Auer.

01/01/11  The conference planning committee is working very hard to ensure we have and follow a sustainability plan.  Please see our Sustainable Practices section of our web-site for more information.

24/12/10  Please see the Conference Agenda page for further information regarding the tour of the currently-renovated Union Bank Tower with Dudley Thompson, Principal of Prairie Architects.

13/12/10  We would like to proudly announce that Dr. John Straube from the University of Waterloo is one of our two keynote speakers for the conference.  Check out the Keynote Speakers section for more information about Dr. Straube.

13/12/10  Mr. Mario D. Goncalves P.Eng of Patenaude-Trempe Inc.(Chair - 12th CCBST) and Dr. Wahid Maref of the National Research Council of Canada are working with our technical committee in the planning of the pre-conference workshops.  See the Conference Details section of our web-site for more information.

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