The 13th Canadian Conference on Building Science & Technology

Organizing Committee

Ryan Dalgleish

Luc Seguin

Bert Phillips

Peter Kidd

Chris Richter

Laurie McLeod

Colin Szewaga

Birgitta Bjornsson

Eric Bjornson

Louise Hardman











Behind the Scenes

The Manitoba Building Envelope Council (MBEC) is a non-profit organization that began in 1986.

MBEC is an association that has a diverse and wide cross section of members involved in the building envelope industry.  Members consist of architects, engineers, manufacturers, consultants, educators, contractors, building owners and others related to this field.

MBEC’s number one priority is to promote excellence in the building envelope through technology transfer.  Education and learning is a life long journey for all of us.  As technologies, building materials and building practices are changing at an increased pace, we need to ensure we have the knowledge and technical expertise to properly design and construct buildings that are durable, energy efficient, comfortable and safe.

MBEC is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors and Executive Committee and does not have any paid employees.  The members of MBEC donate their time and expertise to assist in the endeavors of the association.

MBEC has formed links with various Building Envelope Councils across Canada and organizations such as Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, National Research Council and the Canadian Construction Research Board.

The object of MBEC is to “promote the pursuit of excellence in the design, construction and performance of the building envelope”.