The 13th Canadian Conference on Building Science & Technology

Sustainable Conference Practices

The organizing committee for the 13th Canadian Conference on Building Science and Technology (CCBST) is committed to ensuring we reduce our effect on the environment by planning sustainable practices into the event.

The Conference website continues to be the primary means for providing detailed information for the conference. It lists event hours, locations, session descriptions and all event-related activities.

CCSBT relies on the website to serve as a promotional tool to build awareness of the event. This enables CCBST to reach an audience beyond the immediate/local community and reduces the need for printed advertising. 

The Conference website:

  • Provides detailed information regarding registration, schedule of events, technical program, events, lodging options and exhibitor information
  • Enables attendees to arrange for accommodations
  • Provides information to current and prospective exhibitors

Outreach Efforts

CCBST and its planning committee use word-of-mouth as the primary method to promote and raise awareness about the conference.

Printed materials have been reduced by expanding the use of the following forms of electronic media:

  • Email blasts via the BEC Central database represent the primary means of promotion.
  • PDFs of exhibitor fact sheets can be downloaded from the website; the fact sheets can be printed on an “as-needed basis” without generating an excess of printed material.
  • CCBST is running ads in industry/trade publications.

We encourage conference exhibitors and delegates to take public transportation to and from the Fort Garry Hotel and the airport.  Public bus routes are available on this website under locations and directions.

Plenary Sessions

The Conference includes many training sessions across a broad range of topics specifically developed to meet the needs of Building Enclosure Professionals

The Conference opening and closing plenary session speakers are selected to provide relevant targeted topics to contribute to the training and educational aspects of the event.

Handouts will be reduced or not permitted; most conference papers will be provided to all conference delegates on a memory stick and will be available for download prior to the conference.

Speakers are encouraged to provide website links for reference materials.

Conference Delegate Handouts

CCBST is considering items that will contribute to both the training focus and the green-friendly meeting aspect. Current items under consideration include:

  • Bio-based writing pens; pad folios for note taking; and water bottles to be filled at water stations throughout facility.
  • Every effort is being made to secure items that are made in Canada and/or trade compliant, and made from recycled and/or biodegradable materials.

Conference Hotel Housekeeping Project

CCBST is working with the Hotel Fort Garry to implement a green choice option to allow attendees to decline standard hotel housekeeping services during their attendance at the Conference.

Each attendee will have the option of declining housekeeping services by displaying the Conference door hanger, which is distributed upon hotel check-in.

The goal of the hotel housekeeping project is to reduce energy consumption; save on laundry/water use; and reduce the use of cleaning chemicals.

Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit hall incorporates environmental awareness in each phase, including planning, logistics, execution and cleanup.

Technical Tours

CCBST optional educational technical tours are focused on current examples of energy efficient and sustainable designs and practices in the Winnipeg area.  The tours are scheduled to limit the use and number of charter buses.

Food and Beverage

CCBST is working Hotel Fort Garry to design sustainable food and beverage options and incorporate best practices.  We are working with the conference venue to ensure that most of our food and beverages are sourced locally.